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1This VI allows communication over a LAN
Requires microphone and speakers. Enter address in "Address" and click Connect.
This program uses UDP Ports 6001 and 6002 and TCP Ports 6000
2Computes the 2D autocorrelation matrix from a 1D data sequence. The autocorrelation length can be
3Computes the frequency response of a filter using its forward and reverse
4Reduces whitespace between words/characters to only one space.
Example: 'Hello    there    world' becomes 'Hello there world'
5Computes the Power Spectrum of a signal using the Periodogram method.
Provides peak locations above a specified threshold.
Given a sampling frequency, suggests a frequency axis in Hz.
Frequency axis can be normalized between 0 and 1
6This VI generates permutations of a one dimensional array of characters or numbers. For a set of n permutations when n is specified a corresponding "unique" permutation is
7This set of VIs allow you to communicate with Microsoft Excel via ActiveX.
You can build upon these to make more components.


1. This was tested using Office 2003 and Office 2007.
2. Bugs maybe reported to webmaster AT Timely resolutions aren't guaranteed.
3. These were built with Labview 8.6.1 and may not work with Labview 8.0

If you should decide to extend these take note that from my observation when Excel ActiveX are created on systems with the Microsoft Office Interop DLLs, the VIs will attempt to locate the DLLs each time it is loaded.
8This set of vis can be used to connect LabVIEW to a MySQL databases from a system running Microsoft Windows. These vis utilize the MySQL ODBC Connector (either the 5.1 or 3.51 version) and the .Net framework.
These vis were tested using Windows XP Prof SP 2 with .Net framework v3.0 installed but may work under other configurations.
These vis were developed with LabVIEW 8.6.1

8 vis are provided: to open a connection to close a connection to execute a query against the database. This would typically be for queries that do not return data to retrieve a .Net reference to a Datatable to retrieve a value specified by its row and column location from the Datatable retrieved from to retrieve a 2 dimensional array from the Datatable retrieved from shows how to use the shows how to retrieve results from the DB using the Datatable vis.

Ensure that the Mysql ODBC Driver entry of the OpenMySQLDBConnection vi is set to use the correct MySQL ODBC Driver or else the connection will fail

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