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Hello Visitor,

Sometimes when you pick up a book or you're looking for a tutorial on something, you realize that before you get to the bit of information that you want, you have to go through miles and miles of text. Reading takes time, and it's easier to understand something when you see an example being done right before your very eyes. That, is the main aim of this site, to provide video tutorials on issues that might take a whole lot of time to read, comprehend and then practice.

Fafiles is about helping you to understand the topics available in order to reduce your learning curve so that you can get your projects up and out of the way as quickly as possible.

For the same token fee you get access to all the videos on this site. If you have any suggestions or comments on the videos, as a member, you can submit them and appropriate measures will be taken.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

The FAfiles Team.

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-Xenophanes, philosopher and poet (c.570-475 BCE)
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