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Java programming video tutorials.

These video tutorials give a step by step introduction to programming in Java with plenty of examples. A must-have for beginner and intermediate users. A link to the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) used in building the programs is provided in the Downloads section.

For FREE introductory programming videos check the entries at the top of the list below..
  • Get yourself started within minutes programming in Java.
  • Learn all you need to know to be an effective Java programmer
  • Understand and implement Object Oriented concepts in Java
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Add your own comments to the videos to help you remember what you have learned from each video. (All video comments are personal and thus are not visible by other subscribers)
1We start of looking at Java by trying to understand some fundamental concepts about how Java works. With this knowledge we can better understand what is required to setup a Java development environment.
Since a lot of things that work with Java begin with J, this also servers as an introduction to all things in the key of J

Java Tutorial Duration: 13 min
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2In this tutorial we start off looking at how to setup NetBeans and create a basic Java Hello World application. NetBeans can be obtained from the download link to the left of the screen. NetBeans comes in different bundles, for Java programming you can get a bundle which includes the latest JDK

Java Tutorial Duration: 9 mins
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3Sometimes there is the need to develop Java software using only the Java Development Kit (JDK). In this tutorial we will look at how to write and build a basic Hello World application using only the JDK and notepad.
Generally with the functionality available in IDEs like NetBeans and Eclipse, you should not think about developing full blown applications with the JDK and a basic editor like notepad

Java Tutorial Duration: 12 mins
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4In this tutorial we look at the Eclipse side. We look at how to set ourselves up with Eclipse. This tutorial assumes that you completed the steps in the earlier tutorial on installing the JDK because that is a requirement. This tutorial outlines a Hello World application using the Eclipse Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Java Tutorial Duration: 10 mins
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5Variables are needed in all languages. We introduce the concept of what a variable is in this tutorial as we look at the Primitive Data Types in Java. Also we will investigate type casting between the various types and highlight some potential consequences of type casting.

Java Tutorial Duration: 19 mins
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6In this video we will be taking a look at math operations. Basic math is needed in most programs so take a moment to get caught up. For users interested in more advanced functionality, we do a quick review of what the math package contains.

Java Tutorial Duration: 18 mins
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7In this tutorial we start a discussion of flow control, the concept of controlling which pieces of your code get executed based on conditions.
The If construct is covered.

Java Tutorial Duration: 12 mins
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