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The database design tutorial takes you through database design from problem conception to creating your tables. No knowledge of databases is assumed. Gain the necessary insight with plenty of examples to begin putting together your database whether personal or commercial.
  • Get a firm grasp of the art of Entity Relationship Diagrams with tutorials you can study on your own time.
  • See how you can translate your diagrams into real implementable tables.
  • Understand the methods of eliminating redundancy and inconsistencies
  • Learn Structured Query Language(SQL) to implement your design in any product of your liking (oracle, mysql etc)
Take the plunge, start designing!!!

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1Introduces databases, why they are necessary and some advantages and disadvantages of using them

Database Design Tutorial Duration: 11 mins
Play High Definition Video Play Low Definition Video
2Introduction to Data Modeling and the basic three-level schema of a database

Database Design Tutorial Duration: 11 mins
3Entity Relationship Diagrams part I introduces the concept of an entity, relationships and attributes of an entity

Database Design Tutorial Duration: 16 mins
4Understanding Cardinality in Database Design.

Database Design Tutorial Duration: 16 mins
5Understanding Participation in Database Design

Database Design Tutorial Duration: 5 mins
6Understanding the use of Keys
(Primary, Foreign, Composite)

Database Design Tutorial Duration: 11 mins
7Specialization/Generalization in Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagrams.
Identifying sub-entities of an entity and classifying a group of entities under a particular super-entity

Database Design Tutorial Duration: 12 mins
8Understanding Null Values and why they should be avoided as much as possible

Database Design Tutorial Duration: 5 mins
9Converting ERDs to Implementable tables.
(General Rules)

Database Design Tutorial Duration: 8 mins
10Converting ERDs to Implementable tables
(Stable Translation Method)

Database Design Tutorial Duration: 15 mins

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